Saturday, July 5, 2014

Adventures and experiences with Python

A long time ago, an Italian who worked in many fields of art and science said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", its name: Leonardo da Vinci.

Today, we of computing, affectionately called KISS
principle (Keep it simple, stupid).

Software engineering introduces the concept of design patterns I've never seen so well applied as is to Python. The more I approach language, the interpreter else can I realize this expressiveness so inspiring.

All this without losing the elegance of a syntactic code that through its simplicity presented in various forms, reaches a Pythonic sophistication!

"A good beginning is half": Leveraging the resources of language itself much code can be reused, such as: sorting, searching, comparing, just customize your code so that the interpreter can understand and take care of the rest. In part, this is due to __dunder__ methods.

The standard library has a wide range of "batteries" and in addition there are many third-party libraries (here, and here).

The next step is to study the PyPy which according to many
pythonic sources, will be the future standard interpreter (Today CPython), especially the easy going architecture, and be based on JIT (Just in time). 

Come on, python has a lot to offer.

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